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The Stranger is about a little desert community in the middle of post-apocalyptic maybe California, maybe Mexico, in which Norms and Changed try to defend their borders against potential hostile overthrow, mutated animals, and singing trees. When Ross Juarez, a prospector, stumbles into the town, they must decide whether to embrace him with open arms or view him as a potential threat. It's a fun, fast-paced story, part adventure story, part science fiction, and part community tale, and I will be so excited to read more of this world!


This is also the first book I have ever read in which homosexuality exists without homophobia.


It's also not about gay people being gay, there are just gay characters. While they are fully invested in having romantic relationships (just like the straight characters), everybody is most interested in surviving in a post-apocalyptic world with animals with magic powers and singing trees that will kill you. Which means they have their priorities correct.


Further, it's the single most diversely-written book I've read. There may be two or three white characters, but the book is populated predominantly with characters who are heavily implied to be of Hispanic descent. The native American, Japanese, and Chinese characters are highly informed by their culture and ethnicity, and citizens of the town are much less interested in each other's skin tone than their relative usefulness, political clout, or "changed" status, basically whether or not they have superpowers. 


[spoiler]Also, I really hate YA "love triangles" and was desperately afraid there would be another one here. Instead, the two girls in question are already close friends, and they decide that if he'll go out with them, they both want to date the guy they like. They go to a dance as a threesome and are super supportive and kind to each other. I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED THIS TO HAPPEN IN A NOVEL. Such excite. I am seriously torn between hoping they stay a functional polyamorous triad for the rest of the series and hoping the girls decide that they want to pursue romantic feelings for one another, too. Because I have never seen a well-written actual love triangle, and I think having one in a sci-fi book would be super cool. Also, then there would be canon bisexuals in this story, which would be freaking fantastic.