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I Thee Wed - Amanda Quick I started reading Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick books because my mom and aunt like them. They're smart ladies who have rarely steered me wrong before, so I picked up The Paid Companion. I found it witty and amusing, and the pseudoregencyisms were funny rather than annoying, so I grabbed another. The River Knows was also entertaining, though I raised my eyebrows at the very similar-sounding love scene. When I read I Thee Wed, I cackled and spooked my boyfriend, who up until then had been immersed in The Dresden Files.

I understand the importance of virginity in regency and Victorian romances. Our (noble) heroine must be a virgin to have "honor" and preserve her ladylike sensibilities. But really. I read three of her books in the course of a couple of weeks. And each of them contained the following exchange during the first sex scene:

Heroine: Ouch!
Hero: Guhwha?
Heroine: Are you sure you're not too big for this?
Hero: Why didn't you tell me you were a virgin?
Heroine: Would it have mattered?
Hero: Not really, but I would have tried to be classier about it instead of just ravishing you on a rug/in a stable/in a carriage.
Heroine: Smooth. That mean you're going to stop now?
Hero: Nah. Just give me a minute.

(He finishes up, then feels kind of bad about the whole "taking her honor" thing and buys her something pretty. And the next time they get hot and heavy, is all, "I must make amends! I know how to do that: by giving her orgasms. Chicks love those!")

Actually, I'm pretty sure the author likes the idea of carriage sex, since her last three heroines engaged in it at least once. Seriously, people. Is there something wrong with beds? They're way more comfortable than most other furniture.

Anyway, these books are engaging. The writing is solid, I like most of the characters, and I usually get caught up in some of the drama. This particular one was my least favorite of the Amanda Quick historical romances because I called the plot twists.

I'll probably keep reading on, if only to see if every hero is Mr. Darcy in disguise. If not, then probably for the mirror image sex scenes. They've become ridiculous enough to make me laugh.