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Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1)

Storm Front - Jim Butcher I first learned of this series at a dinner party. Over roasted asparagus and imported beer, my friend informed me that I had to read these books so that he had someone to discuss them with.

Due to a sudden burst of thriftiness (no need to waste the library card!), I didn’t just buy the first book in the series when I was in Borders. No, I put it on hold at the library, and when it came in, I decided I might as well read it.

I spent the entirety of the Friday before I went on vacation cursing my friend’s name.

See, I started this book while waiting for my morning train. I often read on the train (also during my lunch break, on the ride home, in elevators, while walking through the halls…). I picked this one up, and I must have actually boarded the train, because the next thing I knew, I was downtown, and I was pretty annoyed because I had a twenty minute walk. Twenty minutes I could have used to read if my stupid workplace would just spontaneously relocate to right next to me like it ought. Bloody physics.

Basically, I spent the entire day wishing that I were reading my book instead of (fill in the blank). When I finally got on the train home, we sat on the tracks for an extra fifteen minutes and I didn’t notice until my ride called to find out if my train had derailed. I finished by 9:30 PM and glared at the clock, thinking, The library closes at 10:00. I can make it. I don’t actually have to pack. I could pack later…? Which, of course, is absurd when you’re leaving at 7:00 AM. Just no.

And then we got to a Barnes and Noble and I immediately bought the next two books.

This series is crack. I refuse all treatment.