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Sad Desk Salad - Jessica Grose I read this because the author works for Jezebel, a blog I read. There were moments I liked, and the overall tone was entertaining, but the mysteries tied up a bit too easily, and I never felt like I got to know Alex's boyfriend. He was there, he was supportive, he was annoyed... and I have absolutely no sense of him as a character.

Also, the narrator's histrionics would probably have made me put the book down had I not been standing in line for an hour at my early voting locality with no other books. I probably still would have put it down, but Boyfriend's registration didn't clear properly, necessitating a trip to the courthouse, so I was stranded in the lobby with a book for another 45 minutes or more.

Sad Desk Salad wasn't a bad book, and Grose can write well, but the narrator annoyed me too much for me to really care that much about her Feelings and Problems.