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A Grave Talent - Laurie R. King I read this novel because I liked Laurie King's Mary Russel series, and it, too, was well-written and nicely paced. It was missing the excellent camp value of Sherlock, Watson, et al (who really should make as many literary cameos as possible), but it was a nice murder mystery that fit together, and I always like clever lady cops.

Also, I am always amused when I find books with secret lesbians. Clearly, Kate Martinelli's sexual orientation was supposed to be some kind of gradual realization/big reveal, but I caught it the first time the narrator failed to use pronouns when mentioning her lover of the androgynous name Lee. Had I known that this book featured a clever lesbian cop, I probably would have read it earlier. Nonetheless, it was nice that Kate's sexual orientation informed her personality while not overshadowing her existence. It certainly fed into her mania for privacy, but King made clear that this was an extension of her already "armadillo-like" nature.