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Golden Ball and Other Stories

Golden Ball and Other Stories - This wasn't what I was expecting. I think I expected it to be along the lines of The Tuesday Club Murders or Double Sin. Instead, none of Christie's famous detectives showed up, there were a few stories that could only be solved with magic/occult, and several weren't mysteries at all.

In the same way that They Came to Baghdad was closer to espionage than mystery, this collection borrowed from fairy tales and standard fiction. It was interesting, and I was reminded heavily of Eva Ibbotson's A Glove Shop in Vienna several times (which speaks more for Ibbotson's ability to write period literature than anything else), and I'm not entirely sure why. Definitely saw shades of Sherlock Holmes and P.G. Wodehouse a few times.

It could also be that I'm ill and rambling on. Regardless, this is an atypical collection of Agatha Christie stories, most of which still have her trademark wit and cleverness. Worth a read, especially if you're sick of Poirot.